[Custom] 1stAustralia Aboriginal T-Shirt - Indigenous Circle Dot Painting Style- BN18

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1stAustralia T-shirt - Indigenous Circle Dot Painting Style

All of our 1stAustralia All Over Print T-Shirt with Indigenous Circle Dot Painting Style design are custom-made- to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards. 

Here are the reasons why you should buy our products: 

  •  Made from polyester fabric. 
  •  DETAIL - High resolution graphic artwork is printed on the entire shirt. 
  • MATERIAL - 100% Polyester all-over-print. Soft and comfortable. 
  • HANDMADE - Graphics are pressed to individual panels and sewn together. 
  •  VIBRANT DESIGNS -Variety of fun, vibrant designs for men and women.
  • Each All Over Print T-shirt is custom printed with Indigenous Circle Dot Painting Style design, cut and sewn just for you when you place your order -there may be small differences in the design on the seams and/or arms due to the custom nature of the production process.